We are LEGAL

a small enterprise with deep roots in the industry. We have big plans, dedicated to producing proper gear providing a proper high – easy to use, highly enjoyable, and fully legal.*

We love Nature

This pearl among plants, this marvel of herbal evolution has so much to offer and it brings us incredible joy to find new ways to share the many trinkets this treasure-trove continues to reveal. Forever grateful, we worship in peace and with pleasure.

We love the Future

Hemp never ceases to amaze, and with each new discovery, we tilt to the tip of our seats in order to catch a tantalizing taste of the future. At the risk of inviting a jinx, we can honestly proclaim: we have yet to become disappointed.

We welcome HHC

Already well active on the scene for a number of decades, HHC (abbreviated for Hexahydrocannabinol) only rose from the vivid, verdant underground rather recently, making headlines ever since as a potent alternative to THC, Queen Cannabis’ most famous miracle molecule. (We are dealing with a unique substance here, one that will rock your world!)

We make vape pens

Easily the most powerful currently available, our custom disposable breath & push button activation 510 Thread Cartridge comes in seven